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Vistage Peer Groups Overview

Leadership Development & Growth.

Making Great Decisions that Benefit Companies, Families and Communities.

About Vistage

Vistage Groups are unlike any other business development tool out there.

As a CEO or business owner, you strive to be an effective leader and make better decisions. Here, you meet in a peer-driven, non-competitive environment with a diverse group of executives, all with different backgrounds and experiences, to develop essential leadership skills and solve common challenges you all face.

Successful CEO and Executive Coach, Bob Shingler, leads Vistage Peer Advisory Boards and provides one-on-one Executive Coaching to help Portland metro executives, business owners, and CEOs excel as leaders and build thriving organizations.

60+ Years of Success

Vistage was founded in Milwaukee, WI, in 1957 by Businessman Bob Nourse. His primary objective was to bring together local executives from non-competing industries to help each other solve business challenges.

26,000 Members in 25 Countries

Vistage Groups have spread worldwide with remarkable success. Since that first meeting over 60 years ago, over 100,000 CEOs have discovered why Vistage works — and so can you.

Better Leaders, Better Results

According to a 2017 study of Dun & Bradstreet data, Vistage members grow their companies 2.2 times faster than the average small to midsize business in the U.S. During the most difficult of times, Vistage CEO members grew their annual revenue on average by 4.6% in 2020, while nonmembers with comparable small and midsize businesses saw revenue decrease by 4.7%. Vistage delivers!

Peer Support, Education & Executive Coaching

Through a combination of working in peer groups, executive education from subject matter experts engaged through Vistage, and Executive Coaching from Bob Shingler, Portland metro business owners and CEOs can accelerate their growth, identify areas of weakness, implement effective problem-solving strategies, and hone their skills as leaders.

Commit to Leadership Excellence

Are You Ready?

Vistage Groups may be right for you if you:

• You want to develop your self-awareness and become a stronger leader
• You want to grow your business to the next level
• You want additional insight to define your strategy, align your team, advance team or leadership dynamics, or identify ways to achieve your vision
• You feel stuck
• You know that “what got you to here” is not all that will be needed to move forward in the future

Bob Shingler leads high performing peer groups that are highly selective, with spots being reserved only for executives committed to their development as leaders and to building/growing their businesses for the benefit of all stakeholders – employees, customers, investors, and the communities they serve.
Please fill out our contact form to get in touch with Bob to see if you will be a good fit for one of his Vistage groups.