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Peer Group Designed & Structured for Key Executives’ Success.

Leadership Development for Key Executives

Why Every Key Executive Needs a Peer Group

“People often say leadership is lonely, but it doesn’t always have to be if you have a strong community around you. My peer network has been tremendously helpful to me as we’ve navigated many of the same complex challenges.”

Chuck Robbins – Chairman & CEO of Cisco Systems (WSJ 1/2/2021)

Who you are:

A top executive that reports directly to a CEO. You might also be a founder or entrepreneurial CEO of an early-stage business who is still wearing many hats while growing your business. In either case, you are a hands-on and effective leader playing a critical role in your company’s growth and success.

What you need:

Feedback and advice from high-performing peers in non-competing industries bringing together a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines to share successes, troubleshoot problems, and develop action plans that lead to better outcomes.

Key Executive Leadership Group Structure

A Key Executive’s role is the execution of strategies developed in partnership with their CEO, and this group develops the leadership skills necessary to be more effective in doing both.

The purpose of this group is to allow high-performing executives to pause their regular duties, meet together regularly for new ideas, troubleshoot problems, and address challenges they all face daily. They also expand their knowledge base through educational workshops and seminars presenting a wide variety of topics tailored to their needs as Key Executives and leaders. This structure is perfect for executives that want to capitalize on their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

In our Key Executive Leadership Development Group, you collaborate with like-minded executives during and often outside meetings. This group has your back. In a non-competitive and supportive environment, you sharpen your leadership skills, receive honest feedback, and ultimately grow in your professional career.

Meeting Format: Monthly full-day, in-person meetings hosted by rotating Board members.

Education: Eight world-class speaker workshops as part of the monthly meeting schedule.

Executive Coaching: Monthly one-on-one coaching with Bob Shingler (Optional).

Online Resources: Access to 23,000 global member network, user groups, highly relevant content & webinars.

Group Size: 16-18 Key Executives and Entrepreneurs

Enhance Your Skills & Grow Professionally

Experience Growth & Empowerment

By working through pressing issues and concerns with a group of high performing and goal-oriented peers, members find that their growth as a Key Executive is limitless. By learning how to be more effective in partnering with their CEO, many will become CEOs themselves. Regardless of your ambitions, consistent feedback and intense problem-solving sessions with trusted peers will launch you to the next level of your professional development.

As a member of our Key Executive Leadership Development Group, you can take advantage of the experiences, perspectives, and suggestions from peers in similar roles across multiple industries. With consistent, monthly meetups, you can implement strategies, determine their effectiveness, and rely on a focused, professional group of individuals to help you stay accountable.

Inspire New Ideas & Overcome Challenges

Are You a Good Fit?

Our Key Executive Leadership Development Group is growing, highly selective, and high performing. We accept professionals into this group that are eager to grow, learn, and participate in a supportive, non-competitive environment with their peers.

To see if you will be a good fit, please reach out to Bob over on our Contact Page.