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Our Vision: Inspirational Leaders of High Integrity Who Make The World a Better Place.

We Make Good Companies into Great Ones!

What We Do

For almost 20 years, KMJ Partners has engaged with well managed lower middle market companies to help position them for sustainable growth in competitive marketplaces. 

Our mission has always been to make good companies into great ones by focusing on strong leadership, clear and compelling strategy, and flawless execution. This formula builds a foundation to meet the ongoing needs of all stakeholders in a business: employees, customers, and investors.

Originally founded to provide operating partner support and interim CEO services to Private Equity firms, KMJ Partners today is focused exclusively on the development of leaders who make great decisions that benefit their companies, families, and communities. 

KMJ Partners offers the following services in pursuit of our Vision and Mission:

CEO Peer Advisory Board

Leadership Excellence

CEO Peer Advisory Boards
Vistage – Portland, OR

Step away from the day-to-day and work on your business instead of in it. Once a month, you will meet with a highly diverse group of peers from different industries to collaborate and provide unbiased input and get feedback on key decisions each is facing. Combined with executive coaching from a highly qualified and experienced CEO, you will refine your leadership skills to make better decisions, faster, and with a lot less risk. Have your questions answered, but more significant – have your answers questioned.

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Key Executive Peer Group

Mindful Leadership Transformation

Key Executive Peer Group
Vistage – Portland, OR

Designed for the “second in command” or other significant player reporting directly to the CEO, this peer group focuses on the development of leadership skills and a better understanding of the CEO role to partner in the execution of strategies and initiatives that will drive success. Some of these Key Executives will later become CEOs; some are CEOs of early-stage businesses seeking to refine their skills and management resources to grow. All are learning from their peers, making better decisions, and achieving better outcomes as a result.

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CEO Coaching & Board Support

Executive Coaching

CEO Coaching & Board Support
KMJ Partners – Nationwide

Leveraging decades of experience as a professional CEO and Board Member, Bob Shingler is available on a limited basis to provide coaching and Board representation for CEOs of well established lower middle-market and other later-stage businesses. Bob will focus on your development as a leader to become a more effective CEO, provide insights and perspectives to refine your decision making, and hold you accountable to overcome obstacles that may hinder you and your company’s success.

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Leadership Development and Growth

What is Vistage?

Vistage is the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization. Since 1957, their focus has been solely on leadership development and growth. Today, there are over 26,000 Vistage members in 25 countries around the world.

The Vistage model is simple and straightforward – bring together 16-18 CEOs and local business owners to focus on problem solving and idea generation. It’s like having a confidential, private advisory board to troubleshoot problems, vet ideas, and identify blind spots.

Accelerating Growth for CEOs & Business Leaders

Vistage In-Depth

Group members are always from non-competing industries and have no agenda but to help each other succeed. Nationally recognized subject matter experts in business and leadership development are invited into meetings to share insights with the group, and executive coaching focuses on each leader’s individual development plan.

Vistage Groups are designed for business leaders and CEOs that are looking to take their leadership and business skills to the next level. With active participation in a supportive, peer-driven environment, there is no limit to how much you can grow and achieve.

The path starts here.

About Bob Shingler

Bob Shingler is Managing Director of KMJ Partners, an advisory firm he founded in 2003 to serve the needs of Small and Midsize businesses, their leaders, and their investors. He has been President or CEO of five companies during his career ranging from venture-backed start-ups to billion-dollar national and international enterprises. He has also served as an outside director on the boards of numerous companies around the world. Since 2019, Bob has focused on development and coaching of CEOs in the Portland, Oregon area in partnership with Vistage Worldwide.

Managing Director of KMJ Partners

Are We The Right Fit?

If you are interested in joining a Vistage Group in Portland, we invite you to schedule a meeting with Bob to see if it’s the right fit for both of you. You will get more information from Bob about his groups and what to expect — and Bob will get a chance to see if his Portland Vistage Group is a good fit for you and your business.